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About Us

Before creating this blog, Gezonde worked for a multinational company that sold sugary snacks and drinks. Aware of the harmful impact of junk food on health, she pursued medical school, where she studied the subject of vitamins and food supplements. There, she noticed the lack of discussion of the all-encompassing subject of health. Once her degree in nutrition was completed, Gezonde decided that what she had experienced should be shared with the world. That’s how this blog was born, determined to revolutionize our daily life and our experience!

Our mission

Our goal is to help you take better care of your health through alternative medicine. We are convinced that alternative medicine is a real compliment to conventional medicine in order to be and stay in good shape in a sustainable way. Our mission is to help you find the keys!

Our values

  • Service: Your well-being is our purpose. We put all our energy and creativity to offer you new ideas.
  • Implication: Your health is the most precious thing you have, the rigor we put into our work is equal to this requirement.
  • Benevolence : Alternative medicine puts the human being at the heart of its attention, and so do we. We put benevolence in our approach to better serve you.
  • Focus : Gezonde Voeding has to clear new horizons every day, so in order not to get lost along the way we have to stay focused on the essentials.