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The 5 Steps to Brushing Your Teeth

Looking after teeth involves two parties, even for an adult. That is us being as preventative as possible in terms of our brushing and flossing regime, and the dentist playing their part in checking our teeth at regular intervals. This then might extend to restorative and even cosmetic treatment, if required or desired.

One example of a dentist taking care of teeth in Instanbul is dentfixTurkey. Many treatments are available at their surgery to maintain healthy teeth and a healthy look. We will want to go about our business without feeling toothache. Moreover, a toothache can be prevented through regular checkups and by taking care of our teeth at home. A regular dental checkup is always a good idea.

Superficial dental work is also possible with the help of a Cosmetic Dentist, but only if you maintain your teeth on a daily basis. Therefore, brushing your teeth daily is one of the most important things you could do for your teeth. With regards to that, we have come up with the steps that should be followed to make sure that your teeth are fully brushed following each meal. You should, as a minimum, look to brush your teeth after breakfast, and certainly before you go to bed at night.

Outer Surfaces

First, look to brush the outer surfaces of your teeth that you can see. This is best done in a mirror so that you can see that you are covering all areas. This can be done with a regular or electric toothbrush depending on your preference. Try brushing the pale parts to make them look shiny. In case you are not able to clean them off, you would need assistance from professional teeth whitening services. You can visit a dental clinic offering cosmetic dentistry in leesburg (if that’s where you reside), or in your area and get your teeth whitened professionally. To maintain that pearly white colour, you have to take better care of your teeth and avoid certain foods after whitening.

45 Brush Tilt

Next, tilt your toothbrush at a 45 angle and repeat the above process. This will make sure, because of a change of angle, that you are not missing any sections from the front of your teeth. It is about being thorough when you are brushing so that you are not allowing plaque to build up.

Inner Surface

Continue to the inner surfaces of your teeth. In other words, behind them, in the case of your incisors. You are now brushing the other side of each tooth from the front to the back of your mouth. It is about brushing teeth from another angle in terms of your brushing technique.

Chewing Surface

Then there are the tops of the teeth which are the chewing surfaces. This is where food can particularly be left behind and so cause a tooth to rot. We are talking molars here. You have premolars and then molars towards the back of your mouth to take care of.


Finish with the surface of your tongue. This will also help with maintaining fresh breath.

After these steps, be sure to swill your mouth out with water to make sure that it is free from food and toothpaste. Then you can go about your business or make your way to bed.

Apart from brushing your teeth, you will want to floss in-between each tooth almost as regularly. This is a place where food that has not been consumed can lurk. You will be removing plaque as well as bits between your teeth during the process. The thin waxed, nylon thread that is used for flossing is perfect for getting in-between each tooth as the gaps between them can vary in width. Be as thorough as you can about it.

Hopefully, the above will have provided you with some pointers as to how to effectively brush your teeth. Do not forget to follow this regime regularly to make it effective. It should not just be when we think about it but kept up every single day, and after every meal where possible.

As parents, it is important to get into a regular regime with children. If you get into a good habit early on in life then it will seem like less of a chore later on. It will almost become an automatic thing that you do rather than something to remember or think about. We will create many rituals before we make it into bed and maintaining your oral hygiene should always be a priority. Make it a point to take them to a children’s dentist whenever they have a dental inconvenience. As a result of this practice, they may continue to do it even after they grow up. By introducing your child to a family dentist at a young age, you establish a long-term relationship built on trust and familiarity. This reduces the possibility that dental conditions will be ignored and necessary treatments won’t be received until it is too late.

Adults who have visited the same family dentist since they were children are more likely to maintain regular dental check-ups and address any dental issues promptly. The familiar environment and friendly staff of a family dental practice create a welcoming atmosphere, easing any anxiety or apprehension associated with dental visits. This continued commitment to dental care significantly reduces the chances of neglecting oral health and ensures that necessary treatments are received in a timely manner.

Also, regular visits to a dentist can contribute to the early detection of dental problems, allowing for prompt intervention and preventative measures. By consistently monitoring your child’s oral health, a family dentist (like this north baltimore local dentist) can identify any potential issues before they escalate into more serious conditions. With timely treatments and interventions, the risk of complications or extensive dental procedures decreases significantly. Thus, establishing a habit of visiting a family dentist throughout their lives ensures that dental conditions are addressed promptly, preventing the need for last-minute, urgent interventions.

Remember, dentists are there not just when we neglect our teeth but to keep a regular eye on them to notice things that we may miss. Also, a dentist can now offer cosmetic treatments, if you are not happy with the way that your teeth look because you have perhaps neglected them.

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