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Getting Fit – Two Steps at a Time

The Department of Health and Human Services, the mother agency that is financing the Physical Fitness and Health hypertension and obesity information and activity programs with BeachBody fitness, has today announced the inclusion of 10 community health senses among the 45 community health sense components that will assist in the fight against hypertension and obesity. These 12 components include five focuses:

  1. Diabetes consultation and treatment
  2. Heart health
  3. Cancer control
  4. Chronic disease prevention
  5. Depression support

The initiative is to have 100% improvement of the health status of the community as effectively as possible. To this end, the task force will make sure that the goals are met for each of the 45 community health sense components.

Until now, the Department of Health and Human Services had promised financial support for 45 community health sense components as long as the health barriers for these 45 communities are clearly identified, understood, and engaged. The inclusion of these 45 communities will serve as outcome evaluation data for the study which will be called the Health Interventions for Well-Being (HA Way).

Well-Being is the Who, What, Where, and Why of a Healthy Life?

A healthy life is meant to be a full state of physical, social, and mental wellbeing that allows individuals to reach their full potential. This state of wellbeing is different for everyone, and it is important to understand and participate in the realization of this goal. Engaging in activities that promote a healthy life such as meeting others, doing business, and spending time with friends is essential for a healthy life.

So, what will these 45 communities achieve? As the saying goes, each community can make a difference. And this can be done by working together and association,pathy, and communication. Besides this, each community can do what it has to support the health and wealth of all 45 communities in the process. All 45 communities will have equal access to the top cutting edge technology such as those developed by the federal government as part of the new health universal service plan. And we will eliminate red tape and double standards that disadvantages this arrangement. What this really means is that except for the few Tea Partiers in the United States, there will be no mainstream Tea Party movement against this achievable goal in the United States, because this plan will not cut federal dollars. Instead, during this administration, the Tea PARTiers in the United States will have been meal off the government like goodards.

As discussed in my article, Making the Tea Movement,Tea Partiers in the United States demonstrated there is a need forTea Partiersin the United States, especially considering the current economic depression, and the fact that our wealth as a nation is on the precipice. This movement showed that the people are fed up with Tea Partiers in the United States. Now more than ever, this idea is gaining mainstream appeal. It is even believed by some in our United States, as early as January 2006, that this is the largest national unrest against the governement in modern times. History books will explain thisspasm in modern timeswhenruffle in the grass roots of our government comes to its senses, and joins the people of America in saying, enough!Enough!

Now we have a clear path ahead of us, with or without Tea Party members in the United States. We have a clear path even if some in our government choose to ignore this path. If they don’t see the people power in their nation acting in the interests of the people, history books will explain why the Tea Party will become a force to be reckoned with.

We must all understand that the people in office can only be clothed by the people power. They can only be made to be of our greatest strength when they act in our interests. Otherwise they will be quickly pushed aside.

Make sure that when you cast your vote in the next four weeks, you cast it for the Majority, and not for the slightest of reasons. Make it a symbolic action, because when the peopleify the Majority, that means the Majority of the America is with us!

farthest reaching July 4th.

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